Vios Phyte Product Review

Vios Phyte… I will be honest. I have never heard of this company before nor any of its products. From what I have read about online it is a direct sale company that is towards whole-food, plant-based nutrition. All Víos supplements contain certified organic ingredients, and are gluten-free and non GMO to deliver to your body the vital nutrients it needs – in convenient, single-serve packets.

When it comes to these healthy “green” drinks, I am always hesitant as I am a person who loves flavor and texture when it comes to drinks and food. From my recent experiences with these “green” shakes or drinks, I have not had much luck on really finding one that I can truly say I can enjoy.  But, I went ahead and tried this product.  First I tried it with just water. Took a sip, and couldn’t do it. So I added orange juice. This wasn’t a bad option since the orange juice was quite strong it helped with the flavor…then I chugged down the rest!


With this review, I would have to say that this product requires an acquired taste if you want to drink it alone. But it will help if you drink it with the juice of your choice. I think this would be beneficial to give to teens who you know is not getting enough of the right nutrients in their body. A simple healthy drink once a day will go a long way but will make you feeling great and healthy!

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Consultant Name: Heather Olsavsky
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3 thoughts on “Vios Phyte Product Review

  1. Gwinnetta Crowell says:

    I mix mine with cold juice – often apple juice but my favorite is cran-apple or cran-grape. My 5 year old great granddaughter wouldn’t touch it if it was in a clear glass, but drinking same in a non-see through glass resulted in “Yummy”.

    While Vios is a new company, the product Phyte has been around for over 20 years. I was so impressed with the improvement in my overall health, I signed on as a Brand Partner.

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