Event FAQs

Thank you for inquiring about The Bloggerama Mama’s Online Vendor Events!

Here you will find all the info you need to learn more about how our online vendor events work.

We encourage vendors to become friends and support each other to help each other reach their goals. During our virtual vendor events, we enjoy sharing fun DIY projects, recipes, helpful networking tips and hosting fun games to give away different advertising freebies! All participating vendors are permitted to network, gain new leads, new customers, connections and more!

Question: Why would it be beneficial for someone to participate in the online vendor event?

Answer: As algorithms change throughout Facebook, it has become a challenge to have your personal or business posts seen by a good amount of people on its platform. If you’re not interacting or engaging into unique conversations, activities, etc then most likely only about an average of 35% of your friends actually get to see your posts. So becoming a vendor in our online events, the chance is greater and we have opened that gateway to allow our fans and active followers to see your posts through our Facebook event page.

Another great way of thinking of it is that the audience is compiled of other individuals that are not part of your personal friends list. Therefore you have a wider range of audience to market your business to.

Question: Why can’t you hold my spot in the event without a complete registration? 

Answer: Our events are in such high demand that we want to make it fair for others to have a chance to book a spot and become an online vendor in our events. We do book on a first come, first served basis.

Question: When is the vendor fee due?

Answer: Like all other events online and offline, spots/booths are not guaranteed until payment has been made. If you want to book a spot in the event, payment will be due at the time of reservation.

Question: Does being a vendor guarantee sales or recruits?

Answer: Unfortunately no event online or offline can guarantee a sale, in any amount. Your sales depend on how you engage or how well you present your products. There are so many factors that need to be considered and you must be willing to put your effort into play.

Question: Why do we pay for a spot? 

Answer: We provide our network of people through our active Facebook page as a service for our online events. We advertise, promote and market each one before and during each event for a maximum possible exposure. We also moderate the events to ensure everyone is interacting with one another, and is safely and respectfully conducting honest business transactions.

In addition to the active moderation , we pay a graphics designer to create graphics that are used in our events. This enables us to keep content fresh just like Facebook likes it! Fresh content always supersedes the ever changing algorithm…and pictures play a big role in the visibility of posts.

Question: Why are your events only a few days in duration? Other people charge less and let the events run for a full month!

Answer: From our experience and trial events from the past, it has shown a great significance in interaction between audience/guests and vendors when events don’t run for more than 6 days. Vendors and the guests will grow tiresome for events lasting longer than a week let alone for a full month! It’s just not an effective way of marketing and promoting when you’re trying to sell to an empty room, right?

Question: How much is the fee to be a vendor?

Answer: The fee is $15 per event.

Question: Is it a separate fee per event?

Answer: Yes, it is $15 per event. Just like offline events, there is always a separate fee for different events…because they are different events done on different dates and times.

Question: The event has started and I still cannot make a post on the event wall. Why?

Answer: Only RSVP’d guests can be given host access. All you need to do is go to the event page and click the button that says “Going”. Once that has been done, an admin from The Bloggerama Mamas can than give you host access.

If you still cannot post after obtaining host access, just refresh your page and go back to the event page. After that, posting should be enabled for you.

Question: I paid for my spot, now what’s next? 

Answer: Upon submissions of the event fee, we will get you added into the list and you will receive a welcome message from us about a day or two prior to each event start date. Host access is granted the day before the start date.

Our welcome message includes some guidelines and tips to make it the best possible experience and if you have any questions during the waiting period please reach out to our FB page or at bloggeramamamas@gmail.com.

Have more questions for us? Want to go ahead and book a spot, then please message us via the Facebook Page and let us know!

Terms and Conditions:

No refunds will be offered due to missed participation. It is the vendors responsibility to ensure that they participate during the said dates. We are not held liable for any missed events.

Feedback from past participating vendors:

I didn’t get to post this in the event before it ended, but I want to thank The Bloggerama Mamas for hosting another great event for us to show our sales, highlight products, and share our business promos. I have gained so many online friends by attending and being a vendor in these events. I have a list of people, through these events, that I can contact for products from other companies, whether I’m looking for skin care, jewelry, scented wax and warmers, whatever I may be looking for at the time. We may not be in the same state, but these are my ladies, just like I would have hair stylist or manicurist that I prefer. So until the next time we meet again, virtually, everyone have a great day and thank again Mamas for giving us a forum to empower each other. You Rock! – Brigette Haag, Thirty-One, Independent Consultant

Thank you Bloggerama Mamas for the opportunity to showcase my business. I enjoyed viewing all the vendors, best of luck to you all. – Lauren Giles, It Works Independent Distributor

As this event comes to close thanks for all who ordered from me and participated in my posts. It was a great experience and don’t forget to Visit my fan page and give me a like and I’ll do the return – Nora Mendrin, Owner of Nora’s Soap Shoppe

Thanks for another amazing event! – Victoria Vacala, NYR Organic Independent Consultant

Thank you The Bloggerama Mamas for this wonderful opportunity! – Nicole Caccam, Younique, Independent Presenter – Bookish Lash Gal

Hope you all had a great weekend and will have a wonderful week! Thank you The Bloggerama Mamas for hosting this event!!! – Megan Kerr, Jamberry, Independent Consultant

I really enjoyed this event! I was able to add a bunch of networking friends that I have built great friendships with! I will be back for another event soon! – Lisa Leader, Owner of The Paperdoll Princess

Hard to believe our little party is almost over…I really enjoyed “meeting” everyone, and learning about your businesses. – Dawn Carpenter, Initials Inc., Independent Consultant

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of this event! Jennifer Klotz, Paparazzi Accessories, Independent Consultant