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12 Echo Valley Ridge
M9B 2B3
The place where nothing is safe from being painted on! I use upcycled denim and make yoga bags and aprons and do seasonal themed items!

My name is Cathy Chadgimichaelidis and my business is craftycritters007. I’m a mom of 3 boys, a cat and a dog! I’m located in Toronto, Canada. I love to do make all things crafty but I mainly paint and crochet on occasion. No surface is safe from my painting brush! Currently I’m working with upcycled denim and making yoga mat bags and multi purpose aprons. I also use things that I find in nature for example wood bark, stones, pinecones and I’m trying to figure out how to preserve large pieces of fungus that I’ve harvested off trees. My next project will be painted hair bands made from denim, cork and other materials.

Crafty critters